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Gaspard Augé, best known as one half of two-time GRAMMY award winning electronic duo Justice, the duo that united rock and rave in the mid-2000s, has just teased forthcoming debut solo album Escapades with the release of his new single 'Force Majeure' – out now via Ed Banger Records / Because Music / Virgin Music Australia.

'Force Majeure' is a gleefully hypercharged prog-dance anthem that could double as a soundtrack to a robot wrestling match, sealing Augé's reputation as a master of maximalism. While some elements hearken back to his work in Justice – the crunch and whirr of the synths, the song’s sense of cinematic enormity – 'Force Majeure' exudes a bombastic playfulness, crafting a sonic utopia that ignores narrow definitions of “good taste or bad taste” and captures the innocence of enjoying music in your youth, where you’re guided first and foremost by feeling.

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The single is partnered by an ostentatious visual filmed in Turkey, in which Augé performs the song’s muscular drum introduction on the factory floor of the Bosphorus cymbal factory. “We were really attracted by the epic visual appeal of cymbal making, bronze, fire, hammers, something almost mythological and elemental like Vulcan or the Nibelungen,” Augé explains. “We chose Bosphorus Cymbals because they had this very traditional process that barely changed in centuries, in this video I am just a link in the chain of production and quality control, after all these cymbals have been melted, hand hammered, and lathed into a musical object.” The clip, which was directed by Filip Nilsson, is a harbinger of more captivating work to come. Watch it below.

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