On the first installment of remixes from Heathered Pearls' 2020 album Cast, we find the source material's subtlety moved to emotional extremes.
"Salvaged Copper," featuring Detroit legend Terrence Dixon, is re-imagined by another one of electronic music's greats, Luke Slater. A nod to the English producer's melodic past, the song glides and bristles with melody and texture for its spellbinding 17 minutes. Dixon's vocals become a refrain as the track reaches its apex.


Slater on his version:
"I was very excited to be asked to do this remix for Ghostly, one of my all-time favourite labels. The original, minimal and short, captures a special moment in time, a snapshot, and I wanted to keep that feel in the remix and turn it into a whole imaginary film."
On the other end of the techno genre, Somniac One roughs up "Ultra Blue (feat. Newborn Jr)" in her inimitable style, adding the abrasive, industrial-grade heft she's exhibited for labels such as Love Hz, Meta4, and Speed of Sound. Already a young veteran, having made her first foray into production at the age of 13, the edit will be sure to leave a mark on any DJ set it touches.


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