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In the second installment in a series of fresh releases dealing with detoxing masculinity, non-binary artist ASA 808 presents two pieces of sweeping UK-bass and ambient influenced dance music. Driven by their distinctive harmonic take on house music and impelling breakbeats, ‘Healing’ and ‘Fill Your Lungs With Peace’ boldly merge these contrasting elements while upholding ASA 808’s recognisable boundary-pushing sound.
The tracks will be released on the TOYS Berlin imprint on Friday, July 29th 2022.

Asa started making music at the age of six, first learning classical piano and guitar (despite being seen unfit by some peers due to a heredofamilial essential tremor), later specialising in music theory and composition, jazz and improvisation. Driven by their love for electronic music, the non-binary artist started producing and DJing as ASA 808 releasing on George FitzGerald's ManMakeMusic, Soundspace, Blank, Yarn Audio and their own TOYS imprint and playing in venues such as Tresor, Ritter Butzke, Le Java (Paris), Lehmann (Stuttgart), B90 (Gdansk), Corvin Club (Budapest), Gewölbe (Cologne), Bahnwärter Thiel (Munich), Baalsaal (Hamburg) and others. Pushing the boundaries of techno, house and bass elements, ASA 808 combines classical instruments with analogue synths and drum machines.

‘Healing’ is swirling with energetic hi-hats, rousing drum beats and dreamy harp and bell sounds piercing through the stirring surface of harmonically multi-layered synths and beautifully scattered vocal bits. Apparent opposites like the driving breaky kick drum clash with gentle but clear harp melodies, constantly being recontextualized by surprising harmonic shifts and rhodes basslines, evolving the track to an energizing yet refreshing and mind-bending piece of dance music.

Healing starts with listening. It continues with rest and attention. It will always happen if we let it. Healing the inflammations of hate, aggression, racism, sexism and greed requires education, accountability, reflection, mindfulness, self-reflectiveness, solidarity and non-violence, the recognition and rejection of privilege. It is not just the inner process of an individual, but often a collective act. There’s so much we need to heal: harm caused by unprocessed grief, inherited, collective and individual trauma, our relationship with nature, with ourselves and our bodies.

‘Fill Your Lungs With Peace’ is a tribute to Thích Nhất Hạnh, the great Zen-Buddhist monk and teacher, who passed away earlier this year. It’s a reminder to get in touch with the here and now. An invitation to pause whatever you’re doing in order to experience the wonders of the present moment. It’s a real treasure to realize: We have a chance to start anew anytime, any second. It’s as easy as that, you can always start with your next inhale.

The harp and drum sounds create a bond between ‘Healing‘ and ‘Fill Your Lungs With Peace‘. Nonetheless the latter is a faster, yet calmer and more analogue take on breakbeat. Once you dive into it, you can almost feel how soothing and refreshing the immeasurable delays, guitar fades and floating synth arpeggios fill the air.

Healing comes from within, no one and nothing else can provide it. ASA 808’s new pieces remind us of exactly that – while honoring and spreading the message of one of the wisest beings that lived on this earth, who authentically explained a way to sustainable happiness.

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh: The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation

1. Healing
2. Fill Your Lungs With Peace

Out July 29th 2022 on TOYS Berlin

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