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In this new feature series, we ask professional of the music industry what a day in their life looks like along with some insights on their job, the ups and downs and more.
In this issue we receive Rosalie De Meyer founder of Studio De Meyer an agency that specialises in global promotion, social media, brand partnerships, sound design, creative consulting as well as artist, project and label management.

  • Your job description in your own words

Long story short is that I make sure that the people and projects I represent are known about by a wide public. This includes getting press coverage, work with brands as well as optimizing social media channels. For some clients I work on (label) management as well, on top of the above mentioned I also prepare timelines, oversee record production, work with digital distribution companies, DSPs and develop marketing campaigns. I sometimes joke that i'm a professional emailer as most of the job happens through emails. 

  • What a day in your life looks like (a brief daily journal)

I usually start working around 9-10pm in the morning and start my day by going through emails. Once I've done that I prepare a to do list for the day. After lunch I usually have some meetings and then continue with my to do list and more emails until around 7-8pm. 

  • Challenges and accomplishments

There is a lot to think about and to do for every project I take on so being and staying organised is really key. 

Finding a way to make everything as efficient as possible is also important in order to optimise your time and deliver the best possible work. The best feeling is when everything comes together, the project is a success and the client is happy.

  • Highlights (pros of the job)

I get to work when, with who, where and whenever I want. 

I also get to travel quite a lot which is always great. 

  • Lowlights (cons of the job)

It is very easy to work 24/7 due to working in a fast paced industry that never stops (weekends, different time zones etc) so it's very important to take good care of yourself and know when to take break!

  • Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your fields

Do your best, be organised and work with people and projects you are passionate about.  

(Image Credits: website / Instagram / Studio De Meyer)

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