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Chris Korda is an internationally renowned multimedia artist, whose work spans nearly thirty years and includes electronic music, digital and video art, performance and conceptual art, and culture jamming. She’s been slipping subversion into DJ mixes since the mid-1990s, when she was one of the founders of electroclash and pioneered the use of complex polymeter in Techno. She also invented a unique MIDI sequencer in order to explore polymeter composition techniques.

On September 19th, she releases her second album “More Than Four”.

“More Than Four” is flagrant rhythmic heresy: electronic dance music that’s not only in odd time, but also in complex polymeter. The title is a pun on the 1966 Miles Davis album “Four & More”.

Progressive rock bands commonly switched time signatures, but Korda takes it to the next level, by using multiple time signatures concurrently. This deliberate slippage is characteristic of phase music, historically associated with minimal composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

Seeing the hegemony of the generic four-on-the-floor disco beat as a “pleasure prison”, Chris is determined to escape from it by any means necessary. To that end she developed an open-source music composition software, named Polymeter, over many years, and uses it exclusively. According to Korda, “homogenization of culture is the epitome of industrialism, motivated by the need to standardize consumption.”

'More Than Four' features relatively few lyrics, but they’re true to form. The title track pokes fun at the monotony of disco, while 'Moonchego' satirizes conspiracy theorists and their alternative facts. 'Pleasant Mistake'' captures the selfishness and myopia that propel us towards an unlivable future, while 'Planet Broke' is a furious anti-natalist anthem for the future generations we’re betraying. The album expresses realism, existentialism, and scientific pragmatism, and leads us to a surprising conclusion: The planet will be fine; it’s we who are in danger.

Defying conventional Techno, the gatefold double LP has eleven tracks and features Korda’s artwork, with the digital version adding three bonus tracks.


1. Virtue Signal

2. Ticking

3. More Than Four

4. Moonchego

5. Shelter in Bass

6. Pleasant Mistake

7. LCM

8. Charlie’s Big Break

9. Lodidi

10. Kahelo

11. Heard a Moon

12. Interago

13. Kasita Mondo

14. Planet Broke

More Than Four is out September 19th on Chapelle XIV

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