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Get To Know: Jesabel

Introducing Jesabel, the talented DJ and producer hailing from Australia and currently making waves in the UK electronic music scene. With a background in music theatre and a passion for emotive, impactful, and groovy sounds, Jesabel's journey from Sydney to London has been transformative for her artistry. Now signed with Enhanced Recordings and Zerothree, Jesabel's partnership with these labels promises exciting new directions in progressive house. As she gears up for live performances at iconic London venues and prepares for her next release, 'Faded' with Nazzereene on Enhanced, Jesabel's commitment to authenticity and connection with her audience shines through both on and off the stage. Get ready to dive into the world of Jesabel's music, where every beat tells a story of passion and creativity.

Hi Jesabel, it’s a pleasure to have you for this interview and get to know you better! You’re a DJ and producer originally from Australia and now based in the UK. Can you tell us about you, your musical journey from Sydney to London, and how this move has influenced your music and career trajectory?

Hi! Excited to be with you :) So I moved from Sydney in March 2022, originally spending some time travelling and soul searching before settling in London in the December of that same year. I’d spent 10 years building my DJ career in the more commercial space. I’d always admired progressive / melodic techno music from afar but never felt I could really sink my teeth in on a production level from Australia. That need to explore my artistry further really spurred on my move to London. It has been the best thing I have ever done!

Your journey into music began at a young age with singing lessons and a passion for music theatre. How do you think these early experiences have shaped your approach to producing electronic music today?

My passion for music was established when I was about 6 years old. Those experiences as a child allowed music to become a big part of my life. I’m so thankful for those times and learnings. Having a musical outlet in some way every year growing up meant there was this massive void when I left school - this was my route into the electronic scene. Producing music has been something I’ve dipped my toe in and out of for 10+ years. The last 2.5 years has seen my focus on production and my biggest chance to truly niche down on the music that sets my soul on fire.

Collaborating with Emile Battour on 'Eternal Love' marks your entrance into the progressive/melodic techno world. How did this collaboration come about, and what was the creative process like working with another artist to bring this track to life?

Working with Emile was a dream! I had already written this track and there was definitely space for the amazing vocal that Emile wrote. Funnily enough, I had never been in touch with Emile who is from Melbourne, Aus while I was living out there. I discovered him through a recommendation, sent him the record, he loved it and literally set me a take within a few weeks. We basically went with version one - his harmonies and adlibs are *chefs kiss*!

You've described your sound as emotive, impactful, and groovy. How do these elements manifest in your latest single, 'Control', and how do you see them evolving in your upcoming releases?

Generally speaking, the emotion for me is found when writing chord progressions. Finding the right sounds in the pads brings those progressions to life. For me, that is what makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, ya know? In ‘ Control’ the breakdown is the home of those emotive elements. There is a nostalgia in this record for me. The impact is found in the drop and you cannot get away from that repetitive yet infectious groove. It gets stuck in your head! My sound is always evolving and the stuff I’m writing now focuses on shorter, catchier leads and strong bass lines!

With your recent signing with Enhanced Recordings and Zerothree, what can fans expect from your collaboration with these labels, and how do you envision this partnership shaping your musical direction?

Firstly I am loving working with both teams. The learnings are invaluable. Signing to both labels has been a real benefit to my career so far. While my sound has a clear direction, each label allows me to explore certain realms within progressive house. On Enhanced you will hear more of those buildable moments, emotion and ever evolving melodies and progressions. Zerothree allows me to explore more of those traditional prog house nuances - fit for purpose dance floor, club records. It’s been really rewarding seeing my artistry go to new heights.

Moving forward, you've mentioned a focus on performance, starting with shows at iconic London venues with Parable for 2024. What can fans anticipate from your live performances, and how do you aim to connect with your audience on stage?

I love performing! It’s my favourite thing. I just feel a real sense of ease when I get over the initial nerves. My set is so much less about me and all about the dance floor / audience in my opinion. We feed each other in that moment and like you would dance with your best mates in a crowd, I like to enjoy it in the same way as the DJ. I regularly pick people out, make eye contact and have a little moment with people when I’m behind the booth. There is nothing better!

Social media plays a significant role in promoting artists in today's music industry. How do you balance maintaining authenticity while engaging with your audience on platforms like Instagram and TikTok?

I mean in an ever changing landscape that is social media it can be really hard to get a handle on it sometimes. As cliche as it sounds, I feel the more true to yourself you are the more engagement you will get back from your audience. People connect with people - I want people to get to know me and my personality as much as the music. I want to get to know them as well. I’m far from an expert but I’m really focused at the moment on understanding a little more about how I can communicate better across social media. Moral of the story ‘be yourself’!

Building personal relationships and networking are crucial aspects of the music industry. How do you approach networking and forging connections within the music community, both locally and globally?

I think moving across the world and eager to meet new people and make friends really helped me here because I’ve found the networking aspect to come really naturally. In my opinion, it is the reason labels even listened to my music in the first place. A lot of the opportunities that have been offered to me has been from making friends and being genuinely invested in the industry. Going out, supporting club nights no matter how big or small - it’s important and necessary. I’m obsessed with this industry and want to support people as much as they have supported me.

You've mentioned dealing with anxiety and panic disorder and utilising exposure therapy as a coping mechanism. How do you manage these challenges while navigating the demands of a career in music?

I’m almost grateful that I’m thrust into situations that make me feel extremely uncomfortable! Haha. I genuinely just force myself to do the things that the little voice in my head tells me not to. I avoid retreating to my comfort zone where I can. It doesn’t always happen like that but exposure therapy has proven to me that only good things can come from it.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of your music career, and how do you envision yourself evolving as an artist in the coming years?

Continue to focus on the music and work to get better and better as an artist. I hope to continue to align with good people as well - there are a lot of good eggs in this industry! Now that I’m on a steady path music wise I want to focus some of my attention on charity and how I can help through music. Lots more music and shows to come so watch this space! :)

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