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Mia Moretti Breathes New Life into Classic with "I Need Some Money"

Mia Moretti, the multifaceted DJ, producer, fashion icon, and poet is making waves with her latest release, "I Need Some Money." This modern refresh of Chicco's 1986 South African classic not only pays homage to the original's infectious spirit but also injects it with Moretti's signature playful house groove, creating a track that is destined to light up dancefloors worldwide.

The upbeat and vibrant "bubblegum boogie" inspired single showcases Moretti's undeniable talent for blending classic sounds with contemporary beats. From the moment the track kicks off, listeners are transported to a world where infectious rhythms and catchy melodies reign supreme. It's a testament to Moretti's skill as a producer that she can take a beloved classic and breathe new life into it, while still retaining the essence of what made the original so special.

But Moretti is not just a producer—she's also a force to be reckoned with on the live stage. Her performance debut at Coachella's DoLab Stage was one to remember, and her appearance at Goldenvoice's Surf Club taking over the decks along with Bicep, Barry Can’t Swim, Busy P (Ed Banger Records), and Salut, was a highlight too where she rinsed “I

Need Some Money” live in all of its glory. And with a growing list of tour dates, Moretti is proving herself to be a rising voice in the electronic music scene.

Beyond her prowess as a performer and producer, Moretti's eclectic taste and deep knowledge of music shine through in her work. Her recent 'TAMBOR' EP, which samples Latin icons like Toto La Momposina, demonstrates her ability to seamlessly blend genres and cultures to create something truly unique. And with remixes from the likes of KILIMANJARO and DJ MINX, it's clear that Moretti's music is resonating with audiences across the globe.

With "I Need Some Money," Mia Moretti has once again proven herself to be a visionary artist who is unafraid to push boundaries and defy expectations. With her infectious energy and undeniable talent, there's no doubt that she is destined for even more greatness.

“I Need Some Money” is out now on Spaghetti Moretti Records.

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