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‘Wild’ to celebrate 10 years of Knee Deep In Sound

Celebrating a Decade of Knee Deep In Sound: Hot Since 82 Releases New Track 'Wild'

In the vibrant world of electronic dance music, Knee Deep In Sound stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality. This year, the label celebrates its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of pushing the boundaries of dance music and nurturing new talent. Founded and helmed by Daley Padley, better known as Hot Since 82, the label has been a consistent source of cutting-edge music and is commemorating this milestone with the release of a new track, 'Wild.'

'Wild' is a testament to Hot Since 82's distinctive style, seamlessly blending the pulsating rhythms of techno with the soulful grooves of house music. The track features a powerful bassline, intricate percussion, and hypnotic melodies, all elements that have become synonymous with Hot Since 82's productions. It is designed to captivate club-goers and dominate dance floors, embodying the essence of what has made Knee Deep In Sound a respected name in the industry.

Reflecting on the journey, Hot Since 82 shared his thoughts on the label's evolution and its enduring commitment to quality music. He emphasized that Knee Deep In Sound has always been about pushing new talent and delivering good dance floor music, irrespective of fleeting trends. This ethos has been the cornerstone of the label's success, allowing it to maintain its relevance and influence over the past decade.

In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, Knee Deep In Sound is hosting a series of events, including a major performance in Los Angeles on August 10. This event will feature Hot Since 82 alongside other notable artists like PRUNK and Ky William, highlighting the label's continued impact and its vibrant community of fans and artists.

Adding to the celebration is the release of the '10 Year' album, featuring 30 iconic tracks from the past decade, personally selected by Hot Since 82. This compilation offers a deep dive into the sound that has shaped a generation of dance music enthusiasts, showcasing the label's rich history and its pivotal role in the electronic music landscape.

Beyond 'Wild,' Hot Since 82 has continued to innovate and explore new musical territories. His 2020 album 'Recovery' is a prime example of this, offering a deeply personal and therapeutic journey through sound. The album reflects his growth as an artist and his ability to create music that resonates on a profound level with listeners.

Looking ahead, Knee Deep In Sound remains dedicated to its mission of delivering exceptional dance music and supporting emerging artists. With Hot Since 82 at the helm, the label is poised to continue setting trends and breaking new ground in the electronic music scene for many more years to come.

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(Credit images: Knee Deep In Sound / Facebook, Hot Since 82 / Facebook)

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