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Mitch Tambo Unveils “Tambo Jamz Vol. 1”

Mitch Tambo's "Tambo Jamz Vol.1" and the Birth of Walanbaa Music.

In an era where music transcends borders and genres, Mitch Tambo stands out as a beacon of cultural fusion and innovation. Known for his electrifying performances and heartfelt advocacy, Tambo has carved a unique niche in the global music scene. His latest project, "Tambo Jamz Vol.1," not only exemplifies his artistic evolution but also marks the launch of his new music imprint, Walanbaa Music.

From Pandemic Project to Musical Milestone

The genesis of "Tambo Jamz Vol.1" is a story of creativity flourishing amidst adversity. During the isolating days of the COVID pandemic, with live performances on hold and the pressure to maintain a digital presence mounting, Mitch Tambo took a bold leap. He launched "Tambo Jamz," a content series where he performed instrumental soundscapes in diverse settings. The series quickly became a hit, with some videos garnering millions of views and resonating deeply with fans.

Reflecting on this period, Mitch shared, "Over the past couple of years, my followers have consistently asked me to release the music from the Tambo Jamz content series. When I parted ways with Sony Music earlier this year, I knew it was time to fulfill that request. My fans have been incredibly loyal and supportive since my journey on Australia's Got Talent, and I wanted to give them something they've been asking for.”

A Sonic Adventure Beyond Boundaries

"Tambo Jamz Vol.1" is a testament to Mitch's mission to amplify First Nations voices and his passion for creating music that transcends categorisation. The album blends contemporary beats with rich traditional Aboriginal elements, creating a unique auditory experience that celebrates diversity.

"This project reflects a key aspect of who I am as an artist and a proud Aboriginal man," Mitch explained. "I wanted to create something that transcends categorisation. As an evolving artist, I don’t want to be boxed into a certain category. This collection speaks to the universal language of music and celebrates the beauty of diversity. Plus, I also wanted to have some fun. The industry centres so heavily on streams, likes, and followers that it’s creating a heavy burden on artists. So, I decided to celebrate and enjoy the love of creating music by offering a different listening experience and to connect with followers.”

The Dawn of Walanbaa Music

The release of "Tambo Jamz Vol.1" also heralds the launch of Walanbaa Music, Mitch's new music imprint created in partnership with global digital music company Believe. This new venture aims to spotlight culturally diverse artists, providing a platform for voices that often go unheard in the mainstream music industry.

"Walanbaa Music is about more than just releasing music; it's about promoting cultural inclusivity and giving a platform to diverse artists," Mitch stated. "I'm incredibly excited about the potential this imprint has to make a difference in the music world."

Beyond the Studio: The Walanbaa Youth Tour

In addition to his studio work, Mitch Tambo is making waves with his Walanbaa Youth Tour. This initiative sees him visiting schools and educational institutions across Australia, delivering uplifting performances and impactful workshops. The tour, which kicked off in February, has already secured over 100 dates across multiple states, including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, and Western Australia.

Embracing the Future

As Mitch Tambo continues to break new ground with "Tambo Jamz Vol.1" and Walanbaa Music, his influence extends beyond music. His advocacy for mental health, cultural inclusivity, and social causes cements his place as a leading voice in the industry. Recently, he partnered with Commercial Radio Australia on their “The Voice” mental health campaign and performed in Cambodia, further solidifying his commitment to making a positive impact through music.

"Tambo Jamz Vol.1" is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting listeners to embark on a sonic journey that celebrates the universal language of music and the beauty of cultural diversity.

Mitch Tambo’s journey from a breakout star on Australia's Got Talent to a global advocate for First Nations voices and cultural inclusivity is nothing short of inspiring. With "Tambo Jamz Vol.1" and the launch of Walanbaa Music, he continues to push boundaries and pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse music industry.

(Credit images: Mitch Tambo / Facebook)

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