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Mowgli's New Single "Over And Over"

For the past two decades, Mowgli has firmly cemented his place as a trailblazer in the dance music scene. His journey from the tranquil, pastoral settings of Northern Italy to the pulsating heart of global house and techno has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting his musical expedition with humble hip-hop productions in his rural hometown, Mowgli’s artistic evolution saw him moving to Bologna, where he immersed himself in the city’s vibrant rave culture. His subsequent relocation to London in 2006 marked a significant turning point, allowing him to carve out a unique niche in the music world with his exotic, groove-laden soundscapes.

Mowgli’s distinctive style caught the attention of industry heavyweights like Defected and Ministry of Sound, leading to a series of successful releases and remixes throughout the 2010s. His tracks not only climbed the Beatport Top 10 charts but also garnered support from influential DJs such as Pete Tong and Annie Mac. Despite his relentless touring schedule, which included prestigious gigs at Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival, Mowgli recognized the need to balance his professional and personal life. This realization prompted a temporary hiatus from touring, allowing him to dedicate more time to the studio and his burgeoning creative agency in Italy.

Now, with the launch of his latest label, Disco Volante, Mowgli continues to push the boundaries of modern dance music. Disco Volante serves as a platform for both his innovative productions and the works of other talented producers, further solidifying Mowgli’s reputation as a dynamic force in the industry.

His latest single, "Over And Over," is a testament to his refined production prowess. The track is a real treat for dance music enthusiasts, offering a deep and immersive groove that slowly unfolds with emerging sax loops and clean, vibrant drums. The meticulous layering and attention to detail create a sense of ebb and flow that is both captivating and irresistible.

"Over And Over" embodies Mowgli’s signature style, blending infectious rhythms with an unmistakable sense of color and character. The track’s slowly paced groove invites listeners to lose themselves in its hypnotic rhythm, while the sax loops add a touch of sophistication and allure. The clean, punching drums provide a solid foundation, ensuring that the track remains a dancefloor favorite.

As Mowgli continues to release groundbreaking music under Disco Volante, "Over And Over" stands out as a prime example of his creative genius. This latest offering is not just a track; it's an experience, showcasing Mowgli at the top of his game. For fans of deep, immersive house music, "Over And Over" is a must-listen, promising to light up dance floors around the world in true Mowgli fashion.

(Credit image: Mowgli / Instagram)

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