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Costa Rican producer NiM presents his latest release ‘Forest People’ signed on Barbecue Records. A captivating and bewitching tribal house track with a powerful groove and original voices of African tribes. The release includes a remix by FunkSpin and a remix by Richard Salazar.

Available for streaming and digital download on April 14th.


- Can you present yourself, your background in the music scene and where you’re at now.

I started playing more than 22 years ago being part of the beginning of the electronic scene of Costa Rica since its inception, being resident of the two best clubs in San Jose Vertigo and Antik, and internationally I was also a resident in clubs in Mexico City, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and in Europe and had the opportunity to play in various countries such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Ibiza, Prague, Belgrade etc.

Right now I am very focused on my original productions and waiting for the reactivation of clubs and festivals such as the BPM Festival that I will be participating in January 2022 in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, looking forward to that moment to make people dance again.

- You have a new release called ‘Forest People’ coming out on Barbecue Records. Can you share with us what it was like making the track and what the inspiration was behind it?

I personally like this track a lot because the voices were taken from African tribes in their originality and this gives a very organic feeling to the piece.

- The release comes along with remixes by FunkSpin and Richard Salazar, what vibe and energy can people expect from these?

Both Richard Salazar and FunkSpin are talented producers, and it is to be expected very good variations of the track and both with an excellent groove and very good for the dancefloor too.

- What’s up next?

What is coming are very good productions throughout the year and another one coming out with BBQ Records very soon and on the side of events, we already have dates on the calendar and I will be posting them on my social networks, I invite you to follow me to be aware of releases and events on my Instagram which is nimusic_