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Perc is one of modern electronic music’s reference points: an internationally touring DJ and live act, founder of the scene leading Perc Trax label and one of the most respected producers in techno today. As a performer Perc has taken his sound across the world to such seminal clubs as Berghain, Fabric, Tresor, Fuse, Space Ibiza, Possession, Unit, Faust and to festivals including Awakenings, Glastonbury, Mayday, Reaktor, Unsound, Rotterdam Rave, Dour, Unpolished, Soenda, Compound LA, 10 Days Off, Extrema and many more.

Perc returns to Perc Trax with an EP designed to capture the energy and chaos of rave without relying on the same classic sounds that have been in constant use since the early 90's. 

'Greed Dance' is Perc's first full EP in 14 months, following 'Fire In Negative' on Perc Trax back in September 2020. Since then Perc has pushed through lockdown with an intense production regime resulting in tracks being  signed to Lebendig, Possession, RAW and Rote Sonne, as well as this EP for Perc Trax. 

Originally started at Christmas last year, lead track 'Greed Dance' started life as an anger fuelled full vocal track aimed squarely at the hypocrisy of certain sections of the dance music industry, but over time has been stripped down to a tight rhythm track with sparse vocal elements reflecting a change of mood as the UK's clubs and events were finally allowed to open again this summer.

B1 'Resistor' takes a similar approach as previous Perc release 'Toxic NRG', looking to squeeze maximum dance floor drama out of a small group of continually tweaked sounds.

Finally B2 track '240 Volts' layers rapid fire organ arpeggios over a rock solid kick & bass foundation to create something fresh for both Perc and techno in general.

'Greed Dance' releases on November 12th 2021 on Perc Trax.

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1. Greed Dance

2. Resistor

3. 240 Volts

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