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Deep In Your Mind

Physical radio is an upcoming online radio station based in Ibiza, dedicated to showcase raising talents across the world as well as global stars. DJs, Producers, Labels, Radio Presenters, they will all have the right to broadcast their show whatever the genre is in the electronic kind, from a one off show to a weekly residency, you're free to choose what is best for you and your business and which day and time you want to be broadcasted (according to availabilities of course).
The costs start from $9.99 for a one off show to $49.99 for a weekly residency.
The technology and the internet speed are in constant evolution that's why the Fm Band is dying and everybody is now listening to music online. 
What Physical Radio has to offer is unique, you just have to send your show and they broadcast it for you in HD through the website and the app. They are also teaming up with labels and several actors from the industry who are looking for talents. This is a perfect way to broadcast your podcast professionally and grow your popularity.
Physical radio will be available in February after the usual tests.
Physical Radio