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The London-born, British-Japanese DJ and producer has his third studio album called ‘Utopian Surrealism’ coming on his Monnom Black label. Dax J himself has announced that the album is finished and has shared a first single titled ‘Universal Future Sound’.

The artist, who has gone from pirate radio to magazine covers; from the backroom parties to headlining raves at every major techno institution the world over, and all whilst staying true to the underground and his individual style of raw and uncompromising techno, has written this new album in lockdown and has taken inspiration from Yuval Noah Harari’s book ‘Sapiens’.

The artist has also provided a glimpse into this forthcoming album, releasing an Album Sampler featuring 3 tracks ‘Universal Future Sound’, ‘Simulated Reality (Terafactory AI Electronics)’ and ‘Utopian Surrealism'. 

This new ‘Utopian Surrealism’ album observes our transition into a new dystopian era. It reflects the strain in distinguishing truth and reality from the ever-growing radicalised networks of global manipulation, whilst extreme polarised realities, AI, deception, and mass poverty stay hidden away as we accelerate into the next stage of evolution.

The sampler is already available on Bandcamp and the full album will be released late this summer.

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Album Tracklist:

01. Simulated Reality (Terafactory AI Electronics)

02. Universal Future Sound

03. East London Back Alleys (Jungle Techno Mix)

04. Utopian Surrealism

05. The Second Renaissance (Final Dystopia)

06. Industrial Cyber Technologies

07. Opioiding (Fentanyl Mix)

08. None The Wiser

09. Fractalize

10. Anthropic Demise

‘Universal Future Sound’, ‘Simulated Reality (Terafactory AI Electronics)’ and ‘Utopian Surrealism’ are on rotation on Physical Radio.

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