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Fosters is back with hypnotic grooves in his new EP 'Dance With Valium'. Here is a sneak peek into the upcoming single, exploring the captivating sounds of the Aussie DJ and producer.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a mesmerizing musical journey as DJ Fosters makes his much-anticipated return. Following the success of his previous chart-topping releases on Barbecue Records, such as "Space Cannibalism," "Kid Distractions," "Key Z," and "Different Skins," DJ Fosters is set to release a new two-track EP on July 12th, featuring "Dances with Valium" and "Mud." With his signature blend of electronic and ethereal sounds, DJ Fosters continues to captivate listeners with his unique style and infectious grooves.

Known for his ability to transport audiences to otherworldly realms through his music, DJ Fosters has established himself as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene. His previous releases on Barbecue Records received critical acclaim, resonating with fans worldwide and solidifying his position as a versatile and innovative artist.

"Dances with Valium" and "Mud" offer a glimpse into DJ Fosters' sonic universe, showcasing his mastery in creating hypnotic and atmospheric compositions. The tracks are characterized by pulsating basslines, ethereal melodies, and carefully crafted textures, enveloping listeners in a sonic landscape that is both introspective and dancefloor-friendly.

The first track, "Dances with Valium", takes listeners on a sonic voyage with its dreamy synth sequences and intricate percussions. The combination of lush soundscapes and infectious rhythms creates a sense of euphoria, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the music and embark on a transcendent dance experience.

On the flip side, "Mud" delivers a more introspective and introspective vibe. With its deep basslines and intricate layering, the track unfolds gradually, building tension and anticipation. DJ Fosters skillfully merges ambient elements with a pulsating groove, resulting in a sonic journey that is both contemplative and captivating.

DJ Fosters' upcoming single is a testament to his ability to push boundaries within the electronic music genre. By blending elements of ambient, techno, and electronica, he creates a unique sonic palette that resonates with both club-goers and home listeners alike. The infectious grooves and ethereal atmospheres found in his music showcase his meticulous attention to detail and his commitment to delivering a captivating sonic experience.

As the release date of July 12th approaches, anticipation is building among DJ Fosters' fanbase and electronic music enthusiasts. The forthcoming single promises to be a testament to his evolution as an artist, pushing the boundaries of sound and offering a fresh perspective on the electronic music landscape.


  1. Dances With Valium

2. Mud

out July 12th on Barbecue Records

(Image Credits: Facebook / Dj Fosters)

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