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French Progressive maestro Jickow releases his latest piece of art, a 2-track EP called "Escapism / Echoes". We've caught up with him so he could tell us more about this new project and more.
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- Welcome, Jickow! We're excited to have you here to talk about your latest EP "Escapism / Echoes" on your imprint Olympe. Let's dive right into it!

Hello everyone! Thanks for having me.

- This new 2-tracker showcases your darker, peak-time-primed sound and your signature style of deep and emotive techno. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind these tracks and the sonic journey you aim to take listeners on?

"Escapism" and "Echoes" initially took shape as experimental tracks, each exploring a different facet of my musical expression.

They did not mean to be within the same release, and yet, I think it fit quite well together.

- "Escapism" and "Echoes" seem to traverse different moods and atmospheres. "Escapism" takes listeners on an immersive journey with haunting melodies and driving rhythms. Can you elaborate on the creative process behind this tracks and the emotions or experiences you wanted to convey?

"Escapism" began as a departure from my usual emotional and introspective style, aiming to create a more dancefloor-oriented sound. It was an exciting tryout, pushing myself to explore new territories within the club scene. Despite its more club-focused approach, "Escapism" still carries some of the well distinguishing elements I am known for.

On the other hand, "Echoes" had an interesting genesis. It originated from a remix request that ultimately didn't materialize. However, I felt a strong connection to the track and decided to make slight adjustments and transform it into something truly special. "Echoes" became a testament to the profound friendship I share with my best friend, encapsulating our wild and unforgettable experiences at the legendary DC10 club in Ibiza.

- On another hand, "Echoes" offers a more uplifting and triumphant atmosphere, and is described as an ode to the parties at Ibiza's legendary underground club, DC10. Could you share some insights into how you captured the essence of that clubbing experience in your track?

"Echoes" is a tribute to all the parties I went here with my best friend, where the atmosphere is electric and filled with a sense of joy and celebration. I wanted to capture the essence of my personal experience by infusing the track with uplifting melodies and a driving groove. Of course, it might be not the case for everyone, but this track is reflecting my feeling about the club.

- Your ability to blend melody, rhythm, and atmosphere into a cohesive whole is often praised. How do you approach the balance between creating emotive soundscapes and ensuring they remain dancefloor-friendly?

Ah, let me share a little story I never shared before.

Back in the days, when I first started my journey as a producer, I had a strong inclination towards creating chill-out and ambient music. While I was playing techno and being praised for that, I was drawn to the serene and ethereal nature of those genres, and I felt a deep connection with the calming atmospheres they could create.

In fact, at one point, I was so captivated by the idea of releasing a full chill-out album. I poured my heart and soul into crafting these tranquil soundscapes, envisioning a sonic journey that would transport listeners to a state of relaxation and introspection.

However, as fate would have it, the album never saw the light of day. It remained tucked away in my archives, waiting for the right moment to be shared with the world. Maybe, one day? 

This is more recently that I have decided to take it more seriously and decide to work on that “clubbing’ purpose only. Therefore, I am first focusing on that clubbing rhythm, then I incorporate that specific ethereal sound to ensure I am not stuck in a chill-out/ambient loop (;

- Your previous EP, "Nóstra Dóna De La Gárdia," got a remarkable rework by Nick Muir. How did it feel to have such a respected artist reinterpret your work, and how did that collaboration come about?

Having Nick Muir rework my previous EP, "Nóstra Dóna De La Gárdia," was an incredible experience. Nick is a highly respected artist, and to have him reinterpret my work was both humbling and exciting. When I finished the track, I was looking for a remixer and I contacted Nick as we both signed on some niche labels such as Krafted and Family Piknik. I contacted him as I was sure the collaboration could be a perfect match and effectively it did. It was a true honor to see my tracks reimagined by someone I admire, and it was a testament to the power of collaboration in pushing artistic boundaries.

- Over the years, you have collaborated with many other renowned artists such as Ten Walls, Robert Babicz, Matt Sassari, and many more. How have these collaborations enriched your musical journey, and do you have any memorable experiences or lessons you've learned from working with them?

Each collaboration has brought a unique set of experiences and lessons, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such esteemed artists.

In terms of memorable experiences, there have been many moments that stand out. One collaboration with Ten Walls stands out. The creative energy he shared is truly amazing. After his remix of my Burakumin track, I have decided to release a 3-tracks EP on his label. He slightly modified the track, and it was absolute madness.

Another unforgettable collaboration was with Robert Babicz, a master of sound design. His attention to detail opened my eyes to new possibilities in terms of creating rich and textured soundscapes. So far, Robert Babicz is one of the best producers in his genre.

- As a DJ and producer, you've carved out a unique sound that blends progressive and techno genres, how did you arrive at this distinctive style?

Thank you for your kind words! Developing my style has been an ongoing journey of exploration and self-discovery, and I still continue to experiment. Growing up, I was exposed to a diverse range of musical genres, from classical to hip-hop to electronic music. This eclectic background shaped my musical taste and opened my mind to various possibilities.

As I delved deeper into electronic music, I found myself drawn to the captivating energy of techno and the emotional depth of minimal music, especially the German vibe made in Berlin between 2000 et 2012. I was fascinated by the seamless fusion of driving rhythms, hypnotic melodies, and atmospheric textures. This sparked a desire within me to create a sound that combined the best of both worlds.

- Your music has gathered support from renowned artists like Sven Vath, Solomun, ARTBAT, David Guetta, and more. How does it feel to have your work recognized and championed by such A-tier artists?

Having my work recognized and championed by artists of such caliber is truly gratifying. It's a validation of my artistic vision and the countless hours spent honing my craft. Knowing that my music is played and carried with these artists, who have made such an impact on the industry helps to fuel my motivation when sometimes the motivation is gone. Nonetheless, I do not consider my job done because some artists decided to give me “kudos” for my production. I much prefer being in the Top5 track of the Spotify account of some of my fans than receiving fake support from DJs who truly do not care or play my tracks.

- As a multifaceted artist, you wear multiple hats in the music industry, including being a DJ, producer, art director, managing booking agent, and label owner. Do you feel these different roles contribute to your overall artistic vision?

Wearing multiple hats in the music industry has greatly influenced my artistic vision. Each role allows me to explore different aspects of the creative process and gain a broader perspective on the music industry. It allows me to understand my craft from different angles and create a more cohesive artistic vision and inherent reality about nightlife and its struggles. But I definitely prefer where I stand now compared to a few years ago wearing all those hats at the same time. 

- On that note, we saw that you are bringing back your Hedonism event series to Brussels and Paris, and you are also launching your very own booking agency HDNM, can you tell us more about these projects?

Absolutely! I'm thrilled to bring back the Hedonism event series to Brussels and Paris. Hedonism is all about creating immersive experiences that combine music, art, and a celebration of life. It's a unique concept that focuses on promoting a healthy and vibrant lifestyle while enjoying the best of electronic music.

With Hedonism, we aim to curate events that provide an escape from the ordinary, where attendees can let loose, dance, and connect with like-minded individuals. We carefully select venues that embody the spirit of Hedonism. We are starting in Paris in September with a very intimate venue of 300 people capacity. We also have decided to not put ticket prices over 10 euros to keep it affordable for everyone.

In addition to the Hedonism events, I'm excited to launch HDNM, my own booking agency (yeah again). HDNM stands for Hedonism Booking & Management and is dedicated to representing talented artists who share the same passion. The agency aims to provide a platform for artists to showcase their unique sound and talent, while also offering guidance and support in navigating the music industry. We will keep the roster at a family-size level. As I mentioned above, I will no longer wear the booking agent hat, I will collaborate with a full team: Laurenço, former AD in various clubs in Paris such as Queen Club, Nino, co-founder of the Sweet Music channel and launching his brand-new project: Hosted, as well as some other great friends and partners that will be announced soon.

- Thank you, Jickow!

Thank you for having me, was super nice chatting with you.


1. Escapism

2. Echoes

Out now on Olympe

(Image Credits: Facebook / Jickow)

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