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Exclusive Interview with Anja Schneider

In the vibrant tapestry of Berlin's music scene, Anja Schneider stands as a multifaceted icon—DJ, producer, radio broadcaster, label boss, and mentor. Renowned for her tireless creative energy and keen ear for talent, she has carved out a unique space in electronic music, both as an artist and a tastemaker. We caught up with Anja to delve into her musical journey, the ethos behind her label Sous Music, and the art of curating unforgettable dance floor experiences.

- Hi Anja, it’s an honor to have you for this interview! How are you? And where in the world are you right now?

Hello, nice to be with you. You're gonna catch me here in my hometown Berlin.

- Anja, your music seamlessly blends various electronic genres. How do you approach breaking musical boundaries while still maintaining a distinct sound that's uniquely "Anja Schneider“?

So next year I will be 20 years in the electronic music scene and will celebrate this really big with a bunch of re-releases with great remixers and my own remake.

Producing and playing music is for me an ongoing process. Creativity is always changing and developing otherwise it would not be a creative process. I don’t like genres I'm a huge fan of music and in the music, I'm gonna find my joy and passion. It can be everything as long it touches me. 

So even in all these years, I saw many trends coming and going therefore I'm very relaxed with this and I know I don’t have to follow everything but I respect it.

- Your musical journey has seen various phases. How has your sound evolved over the years, and what factors have influenced these changes?

Of course always the situation of my life. Friends' feelings surrounding me and of course the unsecured situation around us is influencing me a lot.

It was definitely easier for me to live and party and create music and be a part of this scene than now. The world is changing and I think it's more important than ever to make our future bright and better and get the right values in there.

- You've traveled a lot with your work and visited many different countries but where have you been living?

Unfortunately only Berlin since 93- and still can't think of living somewhere else. Still enjoying the vibe of Berlin.

- As a seasoned performer, you've graced stages worldwide. Do you have a standout festival experience that holds a special place in your heart? What made it memorable?

Yes, my favorite festival was in Montreal Igloo Fest. A winter Festival where it is -15 degrees and everyone is partying outside. Amazing vibe !!

- Your label Sous Music seems like a deeply personal venture for you, providing a platform for both your own creativity and emerging talent. It has become synonymous with creative freedom and a diverse musical palette. Looking ahead, what legacy do you envision for the label, and how do you see it continuing to contribute to the ever-evolving electronic music landscape?

I'm hoping we are still relevant and still contributing good timeless electronic music and making people dance and be happy with it.

- Your commitment to nurturing new talent is evident in both Mobilee and Sous Music. What qualities or characteristics do you look for in artists when considering them for your label, and how do you see your role in shaping the next generation of electronic music creators?

I'm mostly looking for unique outstanding talents. I don’t need a copy of xy. I want to feel that this new artist is burning for something. I want to feel a special taste and special approach. 

- Beyond the electronic music scene, what other genres and artists inspire your work? Are there any surprising influences that fans might not expect?

I love of course fashion which I see similar to music. I'm overwhelmed by the power that fashion can do for you and I'm impressed by how you can create this and give people a certain feeling and identity. It has the same fast market and periods as in music which is sad but I'm obsessed with it :)

- Your DJ sets are known for their ability to connect with the audience. How do you read the crowd and adjust your set to create a unique and memorable experience for each audience?

I'm the worst DJ if it comes to preparation. I know my tracks and music because I have my radio show and listen constantly to new tracks. But the vibe is gonna create through the flow.

I’m trying to go early to the party to grow and feel the vibe.

- Your weekly radio show 'Club Room' has become a global phenomenon. How do you curate your playlists for the show, and what is your approach to introducing your audience to new sounds and emerging artists while maintaining a connection with the established ones?

Mainly I'm playing only new music there. I would love to give a small overview of what tracks are gonna be out soon and should be heard.

I just listen to music and if I like something it’s in :) I'm playing with the genres there too.

- If you could pick one of your tracks to represent your entire musical journey so far, which one would it be and why? What emotions or memories does it evoke for you?

Anja Schneider / Belize ( will be released next year too )

It shows everything that I'm doing and, like, has a hypnotic groove, some melodies, and even a touch of minimalism. No big breaks: that's not me :)

- Finally, do you have any exciting projects coming up in 2024? Where will people be able to see you next?

Yes, 2024 is the year of SoMe where all my big tracks are gonna be rereleased with amazing Remixers. Really amazing talents that influenced me or even touched me nowadays. (I cannot talk about it now but it’s HUGE)

Tracks will be All I See / Something Thats For Life / Rancho Relaxo / Belize / All I See / Sanctuary / Submission etc.

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