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CT - Roll In The Benjamins

Barbecue Records is gearing up to unleash a scintillating new release onto the music scene, and it's none other than CT's debut single, "Roll In The Benjamins." Scheduled for release on March 13th, this track is poised to set dance floors ablaze with its infectious rhythm, dancy grooves, and captivating vocals.

CT, whose musical journey began in 2018, initially dabbled in music production but had to take a hiatus while catering to his growing family. However, the spark of passion reignited in May 2023, and CT committed himself wholeheartedly to his craft. Inspired by the likes of MK and Sonny Fodera, CT aims to infuse his own unique style into the vibrant landscape of electronic music.

With "Roll In The Benjamins," CT demonstrates his prowess as a producer, blending elements of Tech House with a distinct flair that is sure to captivate listeners. The track exudes energy from the get-go, drawing listeners in with its catchy melodies and irresistible beats. CT's attention to detail shines through in every aspect of the production, from the meticulously crafted rhythm to the seamless integration of vocals that leave an indelible mark.

Signing with Barbecue Records marks a significant milestone in CT's burgeoning career. Despite receiving offers from other labels, CT was drawn to Barbecue Records for their productivity and track record of promoting established names in the industry.

"Roll In The Benjamins" is not just a track; it's a testament to CT's unwavering dedication and determination to succeed in the competitive world of electronic music. With its irresistible blend of infectious rhythms and captivating vocals, this debut single is poised to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.

And like good news never comes alone, CT reveals that he has a second release slated for April. This forthcoming offering promises to further showcase CT's versatility and artistic evolution.

As the countdown to March 13th begins, anticipation is building for the release of "Roll In The Benjamins." Get ready to groove to the pulsating beats and infectious energy of CT's debut single as it takes the Tech House scene by storm. CT is set to make waves and carve out his own path in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.

out March 13th 2024 on Barbecue Records

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