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Victor Ruiz & Wehbba - Stand EP

In the realm of electronic music, collaborations often hold the promise of something special—a fusion of creative energies resulting in sonic magic. Victor Ruiz and Wehbba's long-awaited release, "Stand," on the VOLTA imprint, exemplifies this notion impeccably.
We had the chance to catch up with Victor Ruiz to get more insights into this project. Read below.

The journey begins with the title track, "Stand," a testament to the duo's meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to their craft. Born during the lockdown era, this track has undergone a transformative evolution over four years, culminating in a masterpiece that transcends time and trends. We are invited into a world where enveloping acid and modulating analogue elements intertwine seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape. The track's ebb and flow, punctuated by gripping peaks and riveting crescendos, captivate the listener from start to finish. With a powerful vocal line adding depth and emotion, "Stand" stands as a testament to the enduring power of collaboration and creative synergy.

Complementing "Stand" is the B-side, "Silo," which offers a different yet equally compelling sonic journey. Thumping kicks and hypnotic percussion drive the track forward, while hollowed-out sub-bass and melancholic arps provide a haunting backdrop. As the track progresses, sharply rising synth lines and pulsating bass stabs inject an infectious energy, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats. "Silo" is a testament to the duo's versatility and ability to craft diverse yet cohesive soundscapes.

What sets this release apart is not just its sonic prowess but also the story behind it. From its humble beginnings during lockdown to its evolution through live performances in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Lisbon, "Stand" embodies the essence of perseverance and dedication to the craft. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and the transformative journey that music can take us on.

Victor Ruiz and Wehbba's "Stand" on VOLTA imprint is more than just a release—it's a sonic odyssey that invites listeners to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. With its rich tapestry of soundscapes, infectious energy, and emotive storytelling, "Stand" is a testament to the enduring power of electronic music and the boundless possibilities of collaboration.

Hello Victor, thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your latest release with Wehbba on VOLTA imprint. Let's dive right in:

The collaboration between you and Wehbba has been long-awaited by fans. What prompted the decision to finally release music together after almost a decade of working together?

We’ve been willing to finish this EP for a long, long time. The fact that we’re living in the same city and our studios are literally next door to each other’s, the time was right. Also, since VOLTA is doing so well, finding a home to our collaborations was natural. I always follow the motto: “trust the timing of your life”. And we did.

"Stand" has been described as a track with a rich history, starting during lockdown and evolving over four years. Can you share more about the creative journey behind this track and how it evolved from its initial conception to the final release?

Rodolfo sent me some sounds from a jam he did on his Virus TI (my fav synth) and I really loved the sounds because they were just different and reminded me a bit of Underworld. Even though I loved it I didn’t know what to do. Months later I added some drums and arranged the track, and the first draft was done. It was cool but something was missing. I moved to Berlin and was sharing a studio with Juliet Fox, so she had her mic there and I thought on trying some vocal lines for the track. I recorded - quite inspired on Underworld because that was the vibe and it really worked. After a few tests in the following year, I visited Wehbba in Barcelona and we decided to change a bit the vocals, to make it more simple, more effective. Then we road tested it even more, made some notes and last year we finished the last touches. The funniest thing is that the track is 138 bpm. In 2020 when we started it, this bpm was way too high than things used to be and nowadays this could be considered as slow.

The track features a blend of acid and analogue elements, alongside powerful vocals. How did you and Wehbba navigate the balance between these elements to create a cohesive sonic experience?

Trying, testing, playing and trying some more. It’s always tricky to work with vocals but we managed to make it work.

Live performances played a crucial role in shaping the final version of "Stand". Can you elaborate on how performing the track live influenced its development, and what insights you gained from these experiences?

We both played Live shows. Wehbba still does but I stopped it for now.  By playing live the challenge is to have more dynamics in the tracks that you’re performing. Somehow with “Stand” that was different. The live version for both of us was more powerful than the original version, so applying some tricks, layers and arrangement that we both did live really helped us to get to the final result.

"Silo", the B-side of the release, is described as a progressively climbing roller with endless energy. What was the inspiration behind this track, and how did you approach its production differently from "Stand"?

To be honest we sat in the studio, made a few synth lines, a beat, went crazy on a plugin named “Silo” (hence the name of the track) and some hours later the track was finished. I guess we tried to compensate the 4 years it took us to make “Stand”.

Collaboration often involves compromise and negotiation. What were some challenges you and Wehbba faced during the production process, and how did you overcome them to create a cohesive final product?

The main challenge was more with “Stand” because it was made mainly during the pandemic so we couldn’t properly test it, only with each other for studio sessions. In studio we’re quite easy going with each other and there’s a lot of mutual trust and admiration, so in that part it was easy.

Looking ahead, what can fans expect from both you and Wehbba individually, as well as from future collaborations between the two of you?

From myself I have some more releases this year which I can’t say yet, many of them on VOLTA but also in some other special labels. As Wehbba he has exciting news but also, I’m not sure if I can disclose. For future collabs I’m sure we’ll work on more stuff since we’re very close these days - musically and physically hahaha.

Thank you once again for sharing your insights, Victor. We're excited to see where your musical journey takes you next!

(credit images: Wehbba / Facebook, Victor Ruiz / Facebook)

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