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We are a division of Barbecue Records, the most active electronic music company in Australia. Established in 2013, this one includes a music label, a radio station, and a magazine. Physical Radio works with superstar DJs, famous venues, brands, and emerging talents of the industry. Bob Sinclar, Alison Wonderland, Timmy Trumpet, Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, Sophie Francis, Robin Schulz, Dada Life, David Morales, Cedric Gervais but also Virgin, Defected, Armada or the Transmission Festival are some of the global heavyweights of the industry we work(ed) with.

Our programming is made of the latest electronic dance hits, classic tunes, radio shows by superstar DJs, local talents, radio presenters, and exclusive guests.

Our primary audience is Gen Y and Z (18-35's) for whom online connectivity and trends are everything. Members of Gen Z—loosely, people born from 1995 to 2010—are true digital natives: from their earliest youth, they have been exposed to the internet, to social networks, and to mobile systems. That context has produced a hyper-cognitive generation very comfortable with collecting and cross-referencing many sources of information and with integrating virtual and offline experiences. They left TV programs for Youtube/Netflix and the FM band for streaming platforms/online radio stations like us.

Physical Radio broadcasts online across Australia and the world 24/7 thanks to our online partners, venue partners (cafés, bars, shops), our desktop players, our low-speed mobile stream, our Ios & Android app, and Alexa the Amazon smart speaker.

We proudly are Australia's No.1 in Electronic Music.

We provide highly targeted marketing results thanks to our loyal listeners, our website, our social groups, and our video interviews. Our image is modern, dynamic, attractive, unique, and we are glad that our audience identifies with it. This makes content creation and advertising on the station extremely effective.

By advertising on Physical Radio, you join a competent team made of international talents bringing their vast experience to your brand. Physical Radio operates with a specific market segment so your product or service will be advertised to your exact target market. The online music stream is the medium that the 18-35’s use the most throughout the day, providing ample opportunity for a message to reach its audience. Radio can create stronger brand associations in a prospect's mind than TV advertising, and build brand awareness among a wider audience. Our offers are so affordable that you can air your ads multiple times without breaking your budget.


Physical Radio is the medium to build top-of-mind awareness. Our audience is loyal, dedicated, and identifies with the music and trends we broadcast and share. A careful time placement of ads, for example, can have a real impact on your call to action.


Advertising works by repetition. Your target customer may well need to hear your commercial three or four times before they respond to your call to action. To reach this level of frequency, radio advertising is usually more cost-effective than other media.


Radio commercials can be created quickly without the production and delays of other media. A copy can be produced and revised at short notice. A radio advertising campaign can be up and running within a week.


• MONTHLY PLAYS: 200K+ (unique listeners, March 2021)



• MONTHLY WEBSITE VISITS: 100K+ (unique visits)

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Sponsorship announcements can be produced by the station’s
professional in-house team and we work closely with our sponsors to
ensure they are satisfied with all content before going to air.

You have a specific project in mind? Feel free to contact Faustine

at or call 0414 310 249

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